North Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology,Orissa



Under the North Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, the Governor of Orissa, is the Chancellor and Head of the North Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar. The Minister of Agriculture, Orissa is the Pro-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor is the Principal Executive of the University. Under provisions of the Act, the followings are the authorities of the University.


Board of Management:
The Board of Management consisting of 12 members with the Vice-Chancellor as its Chairman. It is the chief executive body of the University vested with powers to deal with all policy matters relating to the overall and smooth management of the University.


Academic Council:
The Academic Council consisting of Deans/Directors of constituent colleges and Heads of all Departments with the Vice-Chancellor as its Chairman. It is the Statutory Body of the University for taking decision on all matters pertaining to academic activities.


The Board of Faculty:
There is a Board for each faculty with concerned Dean as the Chairman and all Heads of the Departments as members to make recommendations to the Academic Council on all matters relating to academic activities of the respective faculty.


The State Level Research Council and the State Level Extension Council:
Two separate bodies such as the state level Research and state level Extension councils function under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor to guide research and extension education programmes of the University respectively.